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One of her current songs "SEE IT IN BLUE" (lyrics: Christian Breuer, composition⁄realisation: BLUE FLOWER)

BLUE FLOWER likes, no, she embodies the alternative music. Her repertoire currently includes about 50 songs e.g. ballads of Joan Baez, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and other artists of this musical epoch.

The lyrics are partly adapted to the topical political events of the day. BLUE FLOWER interprets every single song with dignity, so much feeling, a clear melody and her unmistakeable soprano voice that the listener could manage the escape from the everyday life quite easily.

Evergreens from the late 1960′s and 1970′s of different genres as for example Folk, Acoustic and Vocal - she brings them to LIVE as a fullblooded artist. Sometimes she becomes spontaneously accompanied by other artists who help transporting the harmonic chords even lighter to the senses of audience with their instruments.

BLUE FLOWER wakes up the Hippie and Flower-Power era by her style. The extraction of critical songtexts recollects emotions of that time. Besides her music she works for the peace movement and the social interests in her surroundings.

She composes melodies on new lyrics and she constantly searches for authors and songwriter.
BLUE FLOWER is experienced in gigs within the scope of charity events, festivals, family celebrations, on small and big stages, in bars, clubs, and cafes. She knows the pedestrian zones of many places. You can listen to her art on demonstrations for peace and social justice. Her serious music sounds in galleries, barns, schools, bookstores, citizen halls and civil centres as at regional parties. Beside her guitar BLUE FLOWER plays percussion and alternative instruments, too. She offers with English and German lyrics a wide foundation for almost every occasion.

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